Simplicity: Mr & Mrs
  • Simplicity: Mr & Mrs
  • Simplicity: Mr & Mrs

Simplicity: Mr & Mrs


Today you begin the rest of your lives,
Together forever as husband and wife.
Your dreams will come true, with love and more,
A happiness to share and the world to explore.

Illustration: This idea was conceived when I was thrown with 2 plastic materials (white and black). I was sitting quietly on my table, when I subconsciously placed 2 jade beads on top of the plastic materials and thought they looked so much like  "human icon" . And *tada*.... the idea of creating "Mr" with a bow tie (by combining 2 of my triangle silver beads) & "Mrs" with her black gown was conceived. 

This couple pendant was specially created with meanings behind it. The 2 silver beads at the top represents the couple having to think alike. And the 2 end knots securing the pendant represents the couple is to be together forever. Never to part. 
Mr & Mrs uses Burmese Type A jade, coiled and set with sterling 925 silver.
Pendant materials : Jade, Silver beads & wire, Plastic 

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