NEW ADDITION: Series V: "Swing at the Playground" Necklace

"Swing at the Playground" Necklace uses Burmese Type A jade,  set with sterling 925 silver. 

 Pendant comes with necklace that is hooked up by the sides of the chain- 925 Sterling Silver

I have decided to give this piece a very clean simple look. Clean cut. It looks very much like a swing at a playground. I'm sure many of us had fond memories of our grandparents / parents / probably siblings pushing the swings for us when we were at very young age. Those were the days when life was so much simpler. Our fun time would be spent at the playground and not in front of ipad & computers. I name this.... "The Swing at the Playground".


Measurement of pendant: Approximately 5cm across.
Measurement of necklace: 30cm (top down)
Note: Necklace is hook by the sides of the pendant.

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