Series VI:

Series VI: "Its Not The Size That Matters" Necklace

"Its Not The Size That Matters" Necklace uses Burmese Type A jade,  set with sterling 925 silver. 

 Pendant comes with necklace. 925 Sterling Silver.

This piece looks similar to 'i'pendant. But the base jade is different. Instead of the previous oblong rectangular jade slab which was especially cut, we have an oval shape this time round. (Comes in only 1 piece of this oval jade slab). 

I have given this piece a special name called "It's Not The Size That Matters" because this pendant does look like a lady with a round bottom. And just as I was creating this piece, I thought everyone of us is unique in her own special way. Size doesn't define who we are. We can be a plus size, or a small petite size UK 6 or 8. Ultimately, it's the character that plays an important role. We need to be nice to everyone and always stay positive in life.

Jade Bead Size: 13mm
Bottom Jade piece: Oval in shape


Measurement of bottom pendant: Approximately 4cm in height/ 2.2cm length
Full measurement of entire pendant (Top down): Approximately 7.5cm
Measurement of necklace: 22inch


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