What is Jade?

  • Jade is an ornamental stone of value, beauty and rarity. The term jade is applied to two different metamorphic rocks that are made up of different silicate minerals: They are jadeite and nephrite.
  • Jade is a gemstone of unique symbolic energy. With its beauty and wide-ranging expressiveness, Jade has held a special attraction for mankind for thousands of years. Today, this gem is regarded as a symbol of the good, the beautiful and the precious. It embodies virtues of wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage.

 Where does Jade come from?

  • A few countries produce Jade. The most expensive and desirable jade (Burmese Jade, Imperial Jade, or Chinese Jade) usually comes from Myanmar (formerly Burma), but small quantities are mined in Guatemala, Mexico and Russia.

What are the different grades of Jade?    

  • Type A -- Jade has not been treated in any artificial treatment except surface waxing.
  • Type B -- Jade has undergone a process of acid treatment, removed the impurities and exposed to chemical bleaches or impregnated with clear polymer resin, which result in significant improvement on transparency and colour of the material.
  • Type C -- Jade has been artificially and Chemically bleached/dyed to enhance color. They tend to discolour over time due to reaction with strong light, body heat or household detergent.
  • Type B + C -- Jade that has been impregnated with colloidal silica or resin as well as dye with pigment substance.
  • Type D -- Jade can be as thin as a piece of paper, with resin fills up from behind to improve the colour and transparency. Due to its fine thickness, it’s so fragile that the jade is usually top with plastic backing.

What are the colours of Jade?

  • Jade has six natural colors: green, lavender, red, yellow, white and black.
  • In the western region like USA and Europe, emerald green, spinach green and apple green are regarded as particularly valuable. In the Asia context, pure white and fine violet nuances of lavender jade are very popular.
  • Green is the most traditional and expensive color for jade. The green color varies from pale or yellowish green to apple green.
  • Lavender jade can be quite dark - almost deep plum-purple, or be quite light and pale. Often, lavender jade exhibits a sugary texture.
  • Red jade color range is from a lemon-yellow through beige to orange-brown to the best color: a pure red-brown.
  • Yellow jade is a nephrite mineral and is the most affordable jade. In China, yellow jade symbolizes wealth, good fortune, friendship, and loyalty.
  • White jade, or "pure" jade, can be found in a chalky, opaque white to a translucent gray-white. White jade is believed to be a symbol of good luck.
  • Black jade is usually nephrite and, in its finer qualities, is glassy black. Surface flecks are common and usually acceptable.

Which type of Jade does gen.K Jewelry use for their jewelry pieces?

  • Gen.K Jewelry uses Type A jade from Myanmar (Burmese Jade)

Are the jewelry handcrafted/made with silver?

  •  Yes, we use sterling 925 silver for our pieces. In fact, we obtained 99.9 percent pure silver beads and process it into 92.5 silver through our highly trusted craftsmen. The wires are painstakingly hand drawn, from a rod and pulled to it's desired thickness manually. The end result is a processed 925 silver that has been customized to suit our customers.



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- As our items are mostly one of a kind (1 piece only), we can do our utmost to replicate the same design. However please be notified that every jade pieces varies in shape, size and especially colour.
- Should any of the materials (ie, jade pieces in unique shape) be out of stock, an exchange of another design (with the same value of the damaged piece)  will be provided. 
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