Brand Story



To put on a piece of Gen.K Jewelry is to step into the glittering world of sisters Genevie and Kayde Yeo. Combining the elegance of bygone eras with a modern edge, the eponymous label conjures visions of flitting through the decades where bejeweled bees, birds and flowers alight on earlobes, décolletages, wrists or fingers of wearers.

More than glamorous, though, the jewels of Gen.K Jewelry are timeless objects imbued with a story and soul. Each is thoughtfully crafted and grounded in the duo’s curiosity of nature’s nuances, understanding of emotional connections and dedication to life philosophy. Whether you are celebrating love of any kinds, honouring your dearest or signifying a personal milestone, Gen.K Jewelry’s collections are rooted in the many special moments you live — a true embodiment of modern heirlooms that will journey with you on your own adventures.

“Investing in one of our pieces reconnects you with the ‘then’ and ‘now’”, say Genevie and Kayde. “It is meant to be cherished, worn with ease and passed down for generations to come.”


As the saying goes: Everything old becomes new again. The adornments of Gen.K Jewelry are no exception, with jade taking on a contemporary guise in the hands of Genevie and Kayde. The archaic Type A Burmese stone is given a new lease of life, fashioned into whimsical arrangements and modern silhouettes in brilliant metals, and embellished with semi-precious gemstones that intermingle in dazzling blends of colours.

Together, the harmonious dichotomy of materials combined with unparalleled craftsmanship and artistic intuition capture the beauty of the unexpected — an elegant symbiosis between the past and present.



Set in the heart of Singapore’s Civic and Cultural District, Capitol Singapore now serves as a fitting home for the brand’s flagship atelier. The jewel box of a space that sits on a historic 1930s landmark makes a perfect complement to Genevie and Kayde’s creations, which boast classic bestsellers and new season delights that bridge the gap between heritage and modernity.