About Us

Born and raised in Singapore, founder Genevie (aka Gen) is a self-taught jewelry crafter. Having worked in one of the world’s largest technology company for several years, Gen decided to make a career switch after realising that life is more than just about earning a high salary or getting ahead in the rat race. With a huge interest and deep passion in self-design and hand-crafted jewelry, Gen decided to take the plunge and venture into the art of jewelry creation, focusing on hand crafted jade pieces.

Jade has always been viewed as a matronly piece of gemstone. However, at Gen.K Jewelry, Gen injects avant-garde concepts and contemporary chic into her jade jewelry pieces to give jade a modern twist. This enables the discerning individual to portray a sense of style and originality. She believes that every woman is unique with her own individual style.




Genevie, being the founder and the "Brain and Heart " of the brand, is teaming up with K.Ling, the " Eye " (sharp eye for details) of Gen.K Jewelry.

K.Ling, also known as Kayde, came on board to join Gen.K Jewelry as our designer since March this year. She is the younger sister of brand founder and has always been behind the scenes since Gen.K Jewelry first started back in 2014. K. Ling graduated in Jewelry Design at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. She used to work with several prestigious luxury jewelry companies before starting her own business.

To give a brief introduction, K.Ling was one of the Top 10 Larry's Jewelry Trends back in 2004 Design Competition. She used to be a jewelry designer at renowned companies such as Soo Kee Jewelry and luxury jewelry company - La Putri. At Soo Kee, her portfolio included a jewelled wedding gown from Allure Chartix which costs S$218,000. One of K.Ling's favourite pieces was her Denim Choker and Ring Set which was gem-studded and costs almost S$34,000.

With a talented designer on board, we couldn't wait to come up with more designs and showcase them to our valued customers. Be with us and see us GROW!


We are glad to share that our created pieces can be found at the following address. You are welcome to check the items out at:

Gen.K Jewelry / Kaylene Boutique 
38A Seah Street (2nd Level)
Singapore 188394

Operating hours: Daily from 1pm to 7.30pm.

Email address: admin@genkjewelry.com