What we Ace in

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We all love a little bit of sparkle. A tiny mesmerization. Something august. At Gen.K Jewelry, we are architects of beauty, creating exquisite pieces for everyone and every idea. We define modern jewelry.

Gen. K Jewelry has always been about creating luxury for every woman who seeks distinctive and contemporary designs. We use our pieces to help us tell the world what beauty is, and to help you tell the world who you are uniquely.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider possessing an exquisite Gen.K piece.

Fully Customizable to Accommodate your Expenses
With the option for customizations, we are able to accommodate to a range of expense allowance to ensure that every prospect has the comfortability to own a Gen.K piece. We believe every woman would appreciate a quality craftsmanship and will be able to divert away from premium prices. Some of our customizations include the flexibility to choose between 9K, 14K, 18K and even a distinctly crafted 6K solid gold base that is both economically friendly and posh concurrently. 

Our customized jewelry would only take 5 to 8 weeks to produce as compared to the conventional 24 weeks as the entire process is streamlined to ensure that our customers will be able to receive their unique design expeditiously without compromising it’s superior quality.

Fresh & Contemporary Designs
At Gen.K we believe in innovation and modernizing the art of jade, which is why we always strive to construct novel and experimental designs periodically to ensure that our customers would constantly be pleasantly surprised.

Superior Jade Quality & Origin
Every piece of Jade goes through the hands of our artisan craftsman from Hong Kong. Mastering the art of Jade, he sees perfecting each jewelry as an exciting regime and respects his work as a precious work. He delivers the pieces himself every month to Singapore, ensuring it’s safety during travel and hands off his creations to start on another journey with our customers.

Exceptional Customer Experience
Even before the journey starts, we already have the best interest at heart and will always go the extra mile to clinch the perfect fit for our customers. Giving ample time to carefully select their suited piece, we ensure that all our clients receive their ideal piece. Furthermore, we always warmly welcome all walk-in customers and attend to everyone’s inquiries without the request of prior appointments.

Designed by Genevie, each jewelry creates a deeper meaning in the traditional use of Jade. We believe that it brings back the elegance and purity of jewelry that lasts the test of time. The journey to finer jewelry does not end once the piece is worn by our customers. It leads on to another one with both the person, jewelry and the years of that relationship to come.