Mother's Day Edition | The bond between a mom, and her child

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To the one who lifts us up, make us feel special and are always there to lend a helping hand whenever we need her; Mom. Today, we’re bringing you through the journey of being a first-time mom. It’s truly our honor to interview Candy, that shows the special bond between a mother and child.

Describe the moment when you first found out that you’re expecting.
It was a whirlpool of mixed emotions with the new addition into this family, as I wondered if I can take on the role of a first-time mom.
How was it like or feel at the beginning phase of your pregnancy?
My pregnancy has been both physically and emotionally challenging, I suffered from severe morning sickness, especially in the early stage of pregnancy. I start to lose appetite and rarely had sufficient rest. During the second trimester, things got better and I start to feel the bond with my baby. At times, I will communicate with her and she will respond by giving me a small kick. When I first felt it, it was so surreal and all the fatigue felt in the past few months were gone. I begin to anticipate for her arrival, looking forward to her baby milestones.

As a working mom, how did you cope with your emotions at work?

Stress is inevitable at work, especially in the corporate environment. During my free time, I attend yoga classes and to relax my mind, ensuring that I manifest only positive thoughts. Embracing all the lovely journey throughout my pregnancy.

We understand that you recently have purchased the ‘Mother and Child Bee’ set (Pendant, Ring, and Bangle) for yourself. Could you share with us why this piece and the story behind this purchase?

When I first chanced upon this collection, it was somehow a love at first sight. I then read more about the inspirations behind this design, and I really liked the idea that it was inspired by the founder who designed herself when she had her first kid, relating the bond between a mom and her child. I felt that it is so relatable and I decided to purchase the whole set online! When I received the items, I knew my decision is right as I love it so much. I am hoping to pass these pieces to my daughter in the future when she is engaged, as her dowry. That’s the beauty of jade, for a keepsake with underlying stories.

You have also purchased the ‘Swallow Birds’ ring for your mom. Could you share with us the story behind this purchase?

This particular piece left me a deep impression when I first chanced upon it on Instagram. It somehow has a unique and special charm, attracting me to purchase and gift it for my mom. Perhaps, it’s because my mom’s love towards birds, and the 3 birds motifs represented my brother, myself and my beloved mother. The combination of jade and gemstones, allowing me to choose each and every gemstone that signify different meaning to it, makes this piece a perfect one for her.

What advice would you give for someone who is looking to get for their mom for Mother’s Day?

Definitely something of her style, that she will wear often! A classic yet minimalistic design will never go wrong. If possible, the best way will be bringing her down to pick her preferred designs. Surprises are sweet, but buying something that she loves will be more memorable.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the strong bond between a mother and child. She has been there throughout our life whenever we need them. This Mother’s Day, show your appreciation and express it with love verbally or physically. Happy Mother’s Day, to all the beautiful mom out there!